Ariel Lin


Nom : 林依晨 / Lin Yi Chen (Lam Yi San)

Nom anglais: Ariel Lin

Profession: Actress and singer

Date d'anniversaire: 29 Octobre 1982

Lieu de naissance: Taiwan

Taille: 160cm

Poids: 43kg

Signe astrologique: Scorpion

Signe chinois: Chien

Groupe sanguin: A

Dramas :

Extravagant Challenge (in production)

Love or Bread (GTV, 2008)

Legend of the Condor Heroes (2008)

They Kiss Again (CTV, 2007)

Tokyo Juliet (GTV, 2006)

Tian Wai Fei Xian (CTV, 2006)

It Started With A Kiss (CTV, 2005)

Love Contract (TVBS-G, 2004)

My Secret Garden II (CTV, 2004)

Seventh Grade (TVBS, 2003)

My Secret Garden (CTV, 2003)

Ming Yang Si Hai (TTV, 2003)

True Love 18 (GTV, 2002)

OST :  

Lonely Northern Hemisphere (孤单北半球 Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu) (Love Contract) (2004)

It Had to be You (·菲尼莫属 Fei Ni Mo Shu) (Tokyo Juliet) (2006)

You (你 Ni) (They Kiss Again) (2007)

Lunia Opening Theme (Lunia: Record of Lunia War)

Mian Bao De Zi Wei (缅包的滋味 The Taste of Bread, Love or Bread)(2008)

Cha Cha, My Secret Garden II insert song (2004)

Movies :

Free as Love (2004)

Kung Fu Girls (2003)

Love Me, If You Can (2003)

Livres :

Ariel's Blog (林家女孩依晨的青春部落格) published 2005

林依晨的紐約貝果日記 published 2008

Recognitions :  

43rd Golden Bell Awards: Best Actress for They Kiss Again (2008)

Trivia :

Education: National Chengchi University (Korean major)

Liens : Site Officiel Site Sina  Blog Sina

Infos provenant :

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